Six Keys to Co-Parenting Without Conflict

Six Keys to Co-parenting Without Conflict is a compilation of the big ideas from all the speakers at the two Divorced Parent Telesummits. This little Kindle book sums it all up nicely. It’s only $2.99 and you don’t need a Kindle to read it! There is an app for that and you can easily read it on your computer from the Amazon cloud.

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Divorced Parent Telesummit

The Divorced Parent Telesummit is for divorcing and divorced parents who are stressed with all the changes in life and worried about the impact of divorce on their children.  Both hosts feel strongly that co-parenting without conflict is not only possible, but it is imperative for those parents who want to see their children succeed.

The Telesummit features speakers in all areas of co-parenting and divorce healing – from behavior issues to credit repair to unplugging from your ex to dealing with difficult ex’s. It takes place twice each year – fall and spring. When the Divorced Parent Telesummit is not in session, you can enjoy the recordings from previous sessions.

The Divorced Parent Telesummit is also useful for anyone who knows a divorced parent. Family members can also benefit from listening to the words of wisdom from the Divorced Parent Telesummit speakers. If you are in a position of offering help and support to a divorcing parent, listen to the Divorced Parent Telesummit to learn how to do it in a way that does not damage the children.

Past speakers at the Divorced Parent Telesummit include:

  • Carolyn Ellis – Unplugging from Your Ex
  • Christina McGhee – Keeping it Together While Parenting Apart
  • Dorcy Russell – Conscious Co-Parenting with a Difficult Ex
  • RJ Jaramillo – Drafting a Winning Co-Parent Team
  • Donna Blevins – Deal the Cards Life Gave You
  • Lisa C. Decker – The Dollars and Sense of Divorce
  • Susan Epstein – Parenting 2.0 – Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  • Deesha Philyaw and Mike Thomas – Co-Parenting 101:What We’ve Learned So Far

Each of the speakers provides hands-on tips to help you right now.

Based on experience, as a divorced parent you likely need to be reminded often about how to let go and unplug from your ex. So often we just forget what we know. That’s why it is great to have the Divorced Parent Telesummit recordings – you can listen and be reminded of how to co-parent without conflict. It’s a big help for you and your children, so get some Words of Wisdom from the Divorced Parent Telesummit now.

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